Our energy system solution pays: Agriculture Solar™ clients using solar power and wind for electricity, LED light efficiency upgrades, and energy storage to run their cold storage facilities, are able to offset electric consumptions 100%, and find solutions that maximize the energy production in the most limited footprint.
Independent electricity gives financial benefits: Installing Agriculture Solar™ irrigation pumps power system run by solar, wind, and energy storage saves you time, increase production, and is more economically sound than any other irrigation method. Electric and fuel prices will continue increasing forever, however Agriculture Energies clients secure their costs permanently.
Complete scope of our energy solutions: Agriculture Solar™ systems are complete dairy packages of solar pv and wind for electricity, solar thermal for hot water, LED light for efficiency, and energy storage to help offset the expenses of electricity and gas costs, replacing the most expensive utility rates with your own energy power. 25 year guarantee. Lease package is 0% down.
Innovative LED light systems reap savings:Agriculture Energies LED lighting show 76% overall energy savings. Work area safety increases with 30% increase in illumination. Our LED lighting emits no ultraviolet light, does not attract insects, controls population, annoyance and disease. 6.4% milk production increase under dairy farm LED. Traditional lighting gives off heat, our LED specific lights do not.
Farms harvest energy with wind power:Watch your costs drop as soon as your wind farm turbines start spinning, allowing you to put more of your profits back into your farm and facility. An investment in ag wind power today translates to real benefits that farmers can apply to their bottom line and balance their operating budgets. safeguard your operational budget against the volatile and increasing costs of energy. Now you can also produce your own electricity and take control of your energy future.

Agriculture Energies levelized cost of energy.

Cost-effective rugged installations Nationwide:

We work for you. Our interests are not in selling you another shiny product. We form a long term relationship with you that will introduce multi-technolgy solutions centered around helping you and your company for generations.

Agriculture Solar Bosch

Agriculture Energies cost of electricity & gas.

25-year performance warranty. Preferred Partners of Bosch, established in 1886 (oldest Chinese solar panel only 2001)

Top-tier system LCOE solutions from a company that stands by its word. Agricultural facilities are suited for energy efficiency, and generation. Ask how it "pays for itself."


Agriculture Energies
provides equipment financing.

We depend on long-term relationships with you, our agricultural partner, by solving every problem from the inside-out. We work for you even when it comes to financing.
This Agriculture Energies Lease of Equipment
comes with lower fixed rates, low payments, and attractive purchase options. Our financing program is designed to package multiple energy solutions into one plan that can develop over time. This lease provides a wide range of flexibility for farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness owners. Make sure you talk to us so we can work together to stabilize your operating expenses.

To start your Feasibility Study and have Agriculture Solar™ prove to you that it "pays for itself."


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