History of Agriculture Energies

Mission Statement

"To enable economic growth through energy development and to provide solutions that make people’s lives better and preserves the planet."

Past and Present

Agriculture Energies is a long time international agriculture energy power developer working closely within the agricultural community for generations.

The Agriculture Energies team's experience level has successfully completed major energy generation projects that range in size from specialized kilowatt sites to multiple megawatt utility scale sites, including clients on the Fortune 500 list.

The Agriculture Energies development team has been active in project engineering, scheduling, contracting, construction, and startup for more than 40 years. Over $20 billion in project planning and engineering experience which includes major sites throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and South America.

People such as yourself and around the world play an important part in shaping the agriculture development while helping us all meet the global demand. As stewards of the land, we are on the front line of making a difference on this planet. We at Agriculture Energies take our responsibility of assisting your business with great pride and humility.

Our Founding Practices

At the root of our experience is a solid foundation in the engineering, construction, and financing of Agriculture Energies. Our energy advancements combined with improved applied agricultural efficiency upgrades, have put our clients well on their way to dramatically reducing their energy operating costs. As they conserve more resources per unit of output, this ensures that our future generations will be able to secure business operations with stabilized energy costs.

Agriculture Energies has had its roots in large construction and renewable energy engineering since 1970. We have a long-term approach to partnering with our client to ensure performance with a deep understanding of how choices today can pave the way for future generations.

Agriculture Energies is one of the world's leading companies solely focused on agricultural energy solutions. We deliver innovative production, incorporating multi-technology solutions, to those who feed our world. Working with our team will deliver to your operation:

(1) Analysis - site assessment of your energy needs with production analysis.
(2) Operation - intensive evaluation to identify baseline use and system savings.
(3) Maintenance - low to no maintenance is Agriculture Energies technology.

Agriculture Energies assists individuals and existing companies in forming a strategy for entering the distributed energy power industry. We are dedicated to delivering innovative, efficient and reliable self-sustainable power systems, coupled with our financial strength and advanced tools to minimize risk. This has brought about years of extraordinary growth with solid customer satisfaction. Agriculture Solar is a leading provider of power energy systems with consistently high quality and performance for our agricultural customers.


"I spent the better part of a year researching the best possible solution for an energy power system at my agribusiness.

I found Agriculture Solar to be extremely knowledgeable and professional.

...Agriculture Solar helped educate me in both technical and economic details... I highly recommend them as an energy developer."
- Farm Owner

"I have had the opportunity to work with Agriculture Solar in the development of numerous energy power projects.

...Agriculture Solar displays a superior knowledge of agricultural electrical power systems both technically and in the area of economic analysis.

Agriculture Solar has developed innovative methods for accurately estimating the financial viability of projects and has a keen insight into the factors involved."
- Agribusiness

"Working with Agriculture Solar has been a pleasure from initial contact to completion of our new system, installed to power our farm, office and supply complex.

Agriculture Solar worked personally on our project to design the most efficient system given our needs and came up with a design that fit beautifully into our acreage. All components of the system are first class materials and installation.

The Agriculture Solar crew was a delight to work with. They were knowledgeable, courteous, tidy and efficient. Our very first electrical bill following the connection of our solar energy system showed a zero balance due for energy consumption!"

- Ranch Owner