Agriculture Solar Energy Dairy Project

...Agriculture Solar™ energy agricultural dairy farm projects handle operations for thousands of head cow dairies, and without sacrificing acres of farmland.The sun heats the hot water heating system and creates solar energy power on dairiesThe sun heats the hot water heating system and creates solar energy power on dairies. Clients from around the world are able to see new photovoltaic solar panels and solar thermal tubes that make their dairy project a "solar-powered milk farm."

Agriculture Solar™ dairy project"It was really a no-brainer thing," said Agriculture Solar™ dairy project customers, operators, and owners of family operations. "If we choose to buy the system outright, it will be all done paying for itself in just a few years. Or, we have the choice to purchase the electricity with no money down and low maintenance, in the Agriculture Solar 0% Down Lease."

Many dairy operators are content to rely on the utility grid for their power, are used to running water wells, milking machines and other equipment for daily dairy farm management. However, Agriculture Solar dairy customers want to take the idea of self-sufficiency to a different level with their Agriculture Solar™ energy power, hot water system, combined with LED light systems and heat-recovery off of refrigeration system.

dairy farming milk production powered by solarFor customers who need the bottom line to pencil out. It does. Agriculture Solar allows you to lock in savings and incentives in 7-10 year lease agreement, when they were especially favorable for dairy farming milk production. Agriculture Solar™ financing is enthusiastic about providing their financing to large projects that generate the majority of a dairy's annual electricity, hot water, and gas cost needs.

Agriculture Solar™ SystemThe whole Agriculture Solar™ System is designed to come close to, but not exceed, your annual electricity power demand. Under most existing laws, you can't sell surplus power to your utility company. Agriculture Solar's team of engineering do a complete site analysis and feasibility study for each dairy project to find the best renewable energy package for you.

solar dairy system generates powerAgriculture Solar customers verify that the agricultural solar energy dairy project cost nothing out of pocket to build the system. Dairies really likes about it when the solar dairy system generates power during the hottest part of the day, when they would otherwise be paying the highest electricity and gas rates.

Agriculture Solar Energy"The main thing I look forward to each month is cutting my power bill," an Agriculture Solar Energy customer said. "We can predict our electricity and gas costs for the next couple of decades, so as the utility company raises the rates, we save more and more. Everybody says, they want to go green. For me, It has to pencil out. It does."

Agriculture Solar Energy Dairy ProjectsAgriculture Solar™ Energy Dairy Projects envision even more self-sufficiency in future dairy industry daily operations. For example, dairy owners and operators look at their manure and could see the potential for capturing methane and using it to run their diesel-powered vehicles, and also put it in an Agriculture Solar™ Biomass Digester. And large scale solarenergy power storage is also an option that can create a dozen more revenue streams for the dairies' owner and operators.

"Dairies by nature are do-it-yourselfers. We like doing our own thing," Agriculture Solar Energy dairy customers share.

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