Agriculture Solar Apple Orchards
Farm Power the apple orchards you expect to see pastures, gardens and orchards of apples throughout. The thousands of acres farmland. So you might be startled to stumble upon the Agriculture Solar “solar apple orchard,” in what was once an unused vertical space, is now a large array of Agriculture Solar orchards farm solar power supplyThe Agricutlure Solar™ apple orchard system is installed on a few acres of an unused fields that is projected to annually produce megawatts of electricity. Completely offsetting the apple orchard's electricity demand. That is 100 percent of the kilowatt hours a year that the apple orchard currently uses.

The Agriculture Solar apple orchard is a partnership project with the utility company. Agriculture Solar installed the equipment, built the inverter house, and owns the power it produces which goes to the grid. The farm purchases the power at Agriculture Solar's discounted fix rate for the next 20-years but, “we know that the apple orchard farm uses all of it before it can get back to utility,” says apple orchard projects manager.

apple orchard farms solar energy power suppliesAn apple orchard site is ideal for solar, according to Agriculture Solar: it has good southern exposure, it's on a road, and it's near a line. “We want to produce solar power energy right here and have people see it,” apple orchard owner states, “because apple orchard is committed to independent energy, to be on our own, and setting us free for the future with a fixed cost projection. We tout ourselves as a model, and we like to be in the forefront.”

The apple orchard had both the perfect field and a commitment to renewable energy. The apple orchard owner calls the project a “win-win” for both Agriculture Solar and all apple orchard farms alike. Gradually, the apple orchard will expand the field for its own use, using the existing Agriculture Solar infrastructure.

For Agriculture Solar, not losing energy in the line has value too. Line loss can be significant and is reduced by distributing energy production throughout its service area. During peak usage in the summer, the solar apple orchard is cranking and offsets the need for the utility company to purchase expensive power on the spot market. For the apple orchard farmer, the ultimate goal is to be 100 percent energy independent.

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