Agriculture Solar™ Aquaponics agricultural Agriculture Solar ™ pv systems and Agriculture Solar™ thermal systems with food production and renewable energy. Agriculture Solar™ aquaponics is focused on commercial large-scale aquaponics technologies and related systems.aquaponics system for commercial farmsCommercially, Agriculture Solar™ aquaponics systems are a technology is a more efficient and space saving method of growing fish and vegetables in any environment. By incorporating aquaponics, hydroponic system growers can eliminate the cost and labor involved in mixing a fertilizer solution and commercial aquaculturists are able to drastically reduce the amount of filtration needed in recirculating fish culture. Many people are expressing a strong interest in this intensive method of food production called Agriculture Solar™ commercial aquaponic operations.

Yearly Production from Agriculture Solar™ Aquaponics Systems:
• 90' x 120' (27m x 37m) unit produces 60,000 vegetables and 23,000 lbs (10,500 kg) of fish
• 20' x 30' (7m x 9m) unit produces 3,600 vegetables and 1,400 lbs (635 kg) of fish
• 10' x 20' (3m x 7m) unit produces 1,100 vegetables and 400 lbs (180 kg) of fish

Positive findings of Agriculture Solar™ Aquaponics Systems:
• Production of basil was three times greater in an aquaponics system than in soil.
• Production of okra was 18 times greater in an aquaponics system than in soil.
• Crop management is simpler in an aquaponics system than in soil.

Return on Investment is as early as 2.5 years.

Types of Fish Grown in Agriculture Solar™ Aquaponics Systems: Tilapia, Salmon, Trout, Bass
Blue Gill, Catfish, Koi, and in other areas of the world they are growing fish that are native to their continent.

Types of Fish Grown in Agriculture Solar™ Aquaponics Systems: every vegetable you see at the produce section of your market can be grown in your Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic commercial farm. At the Crop Diversification Center in Canada, they have grown over 60 different aquaponic food crops.

aquaponic farm commercial systemAgriculture Solar™ aquaponics systems is a revolutionary concept that mimics nature's most efficient way of growing food. It combines hydroponics (soil-free growing of plants) and aquaculture (the growing of fish in tanks or ponds). The relationship is sustainable and creates no waste. It provides pesticide, chemical fertilizer and fungicide abundant foods. In these Agriculture Solar™ aquaponics systems, the waste water from fish growing tanks (aquaculture) feeds the crops in troughs (hydroponics) and the crops clean the water for the fish in a highly efficient, chemical free loop - combined called Agriculture Solar™ aquaponics commercial systems.

• No need to water your plants because a Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic commercial farm uses a timed cycle to circulate the water throughout the system so the plants constantly receive a fresh supply of warm, nutrient rich water.
• No soil is necessary. Your plants grow in Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic commercial farm trays filled with gravel or river rock.
• No weeding is necessary, just regular harvesting and replanting your Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic commercial farm.
• No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers are necessary in Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic commercial farms.
• No antibiotics or hormones are necessary for Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic commercial farms.

aquaponics system commercialThere is so much demand for local, chemical-free, organically grown, healthy food, that it will be a very long time before this market is flooded. In addition, you crops grow incredibly fast within an Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic commercial farm. Plan on selling and eating a lot of crops. Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic commercial farms will allow you to scale up to profitable production with Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic farm commercial designs. The agricultural value and potential for community development is enormous. Our scalable commercial Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic farms are rewarding.

aquaponics system commercial farmsIf you are planning an Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic commercial farm, it is important that you pick the right location. In addition to ground that is flat or can be leveled, you need:
• a source of fresh water

  • • the right sized Agriculture Solar™ pv system
  • • Agriculture Solar™ thermal heating system
  • • road access
  • • infrastructure
  • • proximity to consumers
  • • labor workers
  • • etc.

Proper planning of your Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic commercial farm venture is the first step toward success. Identifying local market needs, adequate site, space and energy requirements, budget and potential operational costs and revenue are all essential before you start.

Agriculture Solar™ aquaponic commercial farm Project Planning is conducted in three parts. First, phone and email discussions take place between the client, Agriculture Solar™ sales tech to help refine the scope of the project, design options and recommendations, crop choices, infrastructure requirements, etc. Agriculture Solar™ then prepare a preliminary report, which covers the basics of the project to make sure that design matches the concept and budget. After discussions on the preliminary report, Agriculture Solar™ moves forward with the final design, costs, etc and then prepare the final report. This whole process usually takes 4-6 weeks. Follow-up phone and email consultation related to the project is included. A site survey is offered as an option if the client wants a personal visit by Agriculture Solar™. The cost of the site survey is not included in the Project Plan.

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like aquaponic pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.

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