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...there's space for an Agriculture Solar in the cherry orchards field, and the cherry farm portion of the orchard will grow incrementally over time. The cherry orchard farms' new installation will use capacity transformer, saving on infrastructure costs — and more in mowing costs too: livestock will once again graze in that pasture among solar panels.How's the project working out so far? Cherry orchards farm owner listed the criteria for success: It would “have a sensible economic payback.” So far, so good.

cherry orchards farm solar power supplyWhen operating at full capacity, the thousands of mounted, high-efficiency photovoltaic Agriculture Solar panels can generate megawatts of AC energy for the cherry orchard farm, which grows and processes cherries in California. The cherry orchard's Agriculture Solar electric system is expected to produce millions of killowatt hours of electricity annually.

Agriculture Solar, an agribusiness-based company, designed and installed the AC solar electric systems for cherry orchards. “Using solar energy to irrigate the cherry orchards was a perfect compliment to their existing array. The new Agriculture Solar systems not only save the company money, they keep the air clean, which is very important to the whole community,” says Agriculture Solar.

cherry orchard farms solar energy power suppliesThe Agriculture Solar AC systems replace fossil fueled-powered water pumps and provide enough electricity to offset the annual electricity use completely. This new Agriculture Solar cherry orchards farm system complements other Agriculture Solar cherry orchards, supplying the company with a total multiple megawatts of AC of solar power.

“We believe that sustainable business practices are the key to a healthy future and we're proud to add megawatts of Agriculture Solar power to our property,” said cherry orchard owner. “We've found that doing the right thing often yields positive financial results in the long run as well.”

The solar system is owned by a third-party company, which allows the cherry orchard to purchase the electricity for an average discounted rate, less than the state's average retail electric rate. The Agriculture Solar cherry orchard arrays are not only good for the environment, they are expected to save the company hundred of thousands of dollars annually by lowering its overall electric rate and demand charges.

“The cherry orchard farmers have really proven to be a leader in its industry by installing thousands of Agriculture Solar panel modules in less than a year to power its facilities and irrigate its cherry orchards,” said the utility company.

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like orchard pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.

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