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...designs and installs the complete solar power for your cold storage refrigeration system to fit your cooling needs all powered by solar: from our split system solar power cold store units to "green" pre-engineered cold stores compressor rack systems solar energy. We have your cold storage solar solution.cold storage solar panelsAgriculture Solar™ cuts energy cold stores costs by at least 75% with solar power energy in combination with LED lighting coldstorage. We combine old world quality with new world energy technology to deliver quality products and service to every customer. Agriculture Solar™ has been serving the large industrial energy technology industry needs since 1970. We offer a true "turn-key" in the solar powered cold storage and food processing industry.

cold stores solar energyRefrigeration and Control Warehouse Design
Agriculture Solar™ focus on total performance and understand the financial investment involved. It is essential that our cold storage clients are completely satisfied with their cold store facility solar energy expansion project both operationally and financially. We offer state-of-the-art innovative cold stores facility designs, cold storage construction and practical solar power solutions that have a positive, meaningful impact on our clients profitability.

Food Processing & Cold Storage Company
Agriculture Solar™ is a specialist in designing and constructing food manufacturing and processing facilities: from vegetable and fruit to poultry and fish to meat and pork. We've got your complete solar energy system needs for cold stores covered.

cold store solarAgriculture Solar™ knows that you can never have enough refrigerated space; which is why we are experts in designing and constructing spaces that will utilize and maximize your building's solar power energy to it's full potential. From walk-in solar coolers and freezer to clean rooms and temperature controlled rooms, Agriculture Solar™ designs, engineers and builds solar energy solutions to meet your exact specifications. As your needs are unique, we do not build solar module systems in predetermined sizes that may not maximize your space. Rather, we offer the flexibility of custom built solar systems with any utilization you require – all at mass production prices. No matter how large, small or unusual your spatial facility is, we have the experience and capability to work with the given structures.

Agriculture Solar™ has been providing industrial technology with uncompromising quality, service, and exceptional value for over forty years. Agriculture Solar's high standards and unbeatable service has given it an exemplary reputation recognized industry wide.

refrigerated warehouse solarAll modular cold store solar panels are manufactured from the highest quality material selected for function, efficiency and aesthetics. Agriculture Solar™ manufacturing has a full time service and installation crew available at all times. This means a Agriculture Solar™ cold storage system can be installed at anytime – even during hours that will not disturb your ongoing business. For your convenience, an Agriculture Solar™ cold store system can be installed in only a matter of days; even in the middle of the night or on a weekend.

In most cases Agriculture Solar™ cold storage system efficient manufacturing methods allow us to provide you delivery of custom solar solutions within two weeks of receipt of your order and approved drawings. However, in special cases when a custom Agriculture Solar™ cold storage system is urgently needed, we do all within our means to manufacture it to meet your schedule.

Agriculture Solar™ cold storage systems are unsurpassed in our cold stores knowledge and passion for working with the solar energy power providing energy for the food processing industry. We are uniquely qualified to construct your new Agriculture Solar™ cold storage system or improve your existing one; in the fact that we have, and continue to, work with all the different markets. This includes Poultry, Fish, Beef and Dairy, Produce and Confections.

solar design refrigeration warehouses systemAgriculture Solar™ cold storage systems are aware of the every changing need for quality cold stores control during the food preparation process, which is why we continue to educate ourselves on USDA, NSF and UL standards. We want you, our Agriculture Solar™ cold store client, to feel and know that your facility's solar energy system is designed and constructed to the highest food-grade quality possible. Give us a call and let our experienced experts help with your next project.

Agriculture Solar™ cold storage system knows the importance of proper refrigerated areas, and warehouses are no exception. We believe that the solar powered refrigerated warehouse encompasses the basic fundamentals of cold storage. These cold store spaces are the beginnings and ends of most food processing and distribution facilities.

solar pv power refrigerationAs one of our many services offered, Agriculture Solar™ cold storage system is a pre-manufactured solar dealer, which gives us exclusive erudition of warehouse design and engineering. Combined that knowledge with our accredited refrigeration skills and service, and you have an incredible amalgamation of ingenuity and integration of solar energy.

Whether you have a need for pallet Agriculture Solar™ cold storage system rack storage, refrigerated shipping docks or a new cold storage and solar powered distibution warehouse, Agriculture Solar™ has you covered. Give us a call and let our design professionals unleash the potential energy power of your cold warehouse.

Agriculture Solar™ cold storage system has provided and installed facility power that can operate at temperatures as low as -40°Celsius (-40°F) and as high as +85° Celsius (+185°F). The higher temperature range units have operated with Relative Humidity factors ranging from 10% to 90%. Give us a call and let us design your next solar energy climate controlled storage room.

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like cold storage pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.


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