Agriculture Solar Biogas Biodigesters of Anaerobic Digestion

...Agriculture Solar™ Anaerobic Digesters maximize manure. Manure – the feedstock for anerobic digestion systems – is a wealth of methane gas. Anaerobic digestion draws methane from organic matter. The methane powers an engine that drives an Agriculture Solar™ generator, which produces electricity and heat. Nothing is wasted because the digested manure maintains its nutrient value and is used or sold as a fertilizer.dairy energy digesters dairiesDairy farms and cattle ranches contribute to biogas emissions due to the methane biogas released into the atmosphere. Since there is a large demand for renewable energy sources, Agriculture Solar™ anaerobic biodigestors could help solve both of these problems. Anaerobic digesters break down manure into ingredient gases of digestion. As the anaerobic digesters ferment the manure, one of the bio gases released is methane. Methane can then be used to generate electricity.

Agriculture Solar™ has created a machine to convert cow manure into power by using anerobic digesters. The dairy farms and cattle ranches will greatly benefit from them. This specific system uses anaerobic digesters to convert manure into biogas. After the corrosive gas, hydrogen sulfide, is removed from the bio gases, the biogas is burned to produce electricity.

biogas_biodigestor_anaerobic_digestionAgriculture Solar™ anaerobic biodigestor engines can produce enough to power thousands of households. What's to be done with the recycled energy hasn't been used, it can be assumed at least a fair bit of it will be used to run the dairy farms and cattle ranches, with the rest being sold off. Smaller dairies like many in California, Idaho, and Wisconsin use similar but much less expensive Agriculture Solar™ anaerobic digestor systems to convert methane into enough energy to run the dairy and ranch, then sell off the excess to power companies.

biomass energy digestersOwners say, "the plant generates tons of fertilizer and reduces carbon emissions by tons per year." This investment not only will help to pay for some of dairy's operating costs in a farm it also puts your dairy and ranch on the cutting edge of the dairy and ranching industry.

The Agriculture Solar™ Anaerobic Digestion strategy and action plan will help you unlock the potential to get more energy from waste. Rightly, the Agriculture Solar™ strategy describes anerobic biodigestion as a beautifully flexible technology - "plants can be built on many different scales, from large facilities treating sewage sludge or municipal waste, to smaller ones handling materials from a particular dairy farm cattle ranch or small community." The construction of Agriculture Solar™ anaerobic biodigester facilities can be comparatively swift, and compared to some other waste management technologies can be relatively inexpensive.

biodigestors bio gas anaerobic"The inputs and outputs of the technology are also flexible, meaning that the plants can be designed to meet local requirements for feedstock or outputs, while remaining connected to the national electricity and/or gas grid," says Agriculture Solar™ anaerobic biodigestor integrators.

biomass energy digestion digesterIt has further advantages, too, with other renewable energy technologies. "The energy is generated constantly, unlike wind or tidal power, and can be stored in the grid in the form of gas - methane. Methane is one of the few renewable fuels suitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), and has the potential to reduce reliance on imported gas. So it can process waste and produce heat and electricity. And by providing low carbon fertilizers for agriculture operations and sales, an Agriculture Solar™ anerobic biodigester helps deliver a sustainable farming operation, where resources are reused on-farm to reduce biogas and provide secure and sustainable inputs, particularly phosphate.

The Agriculture Solar™ Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Systems should help make it easier to grow the industry. Developments such as a best practice scheme for Agriculture Solar™ anaerobic biodigestor will ultimately help break down barriers to plant development, reduce the risk of investing in Agriculture Solar™ anaerobic biodigesters and deliver the industry's potential to you.

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