Agriculture Solar Fruit Orchards
Farm Power

...Agriculture Solar™ tracking systems allows the orchard farmer to get up to 52% more power per day, and you can dual use the land. The panels are higher enough so that crops and livestock are able to co-exist with your solar powered fruit orchard. Many fruit orchards used to use diesel generators to power the water pumps. Now they run completly off of solar power.fruit orchards farm solar power supplyAgriculture Solar completes state-of-the-art solar fruit orchard projects. A multiple acre photovoltaic solar powere fruit orchard that generates megawatts of electricity. Representing 100% of the fruit orchard owners total use, this clean and sustainable energy also powers their fruit packing house and fruit storage facility.

fruit orchard farms solar energy power suppliesFruit orchard owners install Agriculture Solar arrays that together generate multiple megawatts of electricity to power 250-800 horsepower motors that pump deep well water into reservoirs for the irrigation of thousands of agricultural acres. Solar has taken their operation completely off the electricity grid. The fruit orchards are now "energy independent."

The fruit orchard Agriculture Solar system is guaranteed for 25 years, with over an expected 50-year lifespan of the solar panels. This is a great example of energy independence when you combine fruit orchards and Agriculture Solar.

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like orchard pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.

Pay For Just Power.

Have an independent energy power system, but you only buy the power produced. We own and operate the systems for you.

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A guaranteed power rate. Yes, you read that right.

No surprises. No rate hikes. No kidding.

You know when you open your gas bill and gasp because your fuel rates suddenly went up?

That won’t happen anymore. With Agriculture Solar's ability to sell you power to purchase, we offer a guaranteed rate - and even better? We lock in those rates for over 20 years. The catch? Well, there is no catch. Really. Here’s all there is to it.

• We buy the system and install it on your land.

• You pay a fee for your power.

• It generates power for you – with rates that are locked in.

• Save immediately on your gas bill.

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