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...geothermal energy is heat from the Earth. It is a clean, renewable resource that provides energy around the world in a variety of applications and resources. The heat of the earth is available everywhere, and we are using it in a broader diversity of circumstances. It is considered a renewable resource because the heat emanating from the interior of the Earth is essentially limitless.geo thermal electricityThe heat continuously flowing from the Earth's interior, which travels primarily by conduction, is estimated to be equivalent to 42 million megawatts (MW) of power, and is expected to remain so for billions of years to come, ensuring an inexhaustible supply of energy.

electricity from heatAgriculture Solar offers unique renewable power solutions with our power generation units which convert low, medium and high temperature heat into electrical energy. The state-of-the-art implementation of geothermal technology that we have refined through the years of use under the most challenging conditions. Agriculture Solar's flexible, modular solutions for geothermal power, recovered energy, and remote power generation are all customized power plant options.

Our proprietary technology enables geothermal developers to efficiently and economically use the full range of naturally occurring geothermal resources found throughout the world – from low temperature geothermal water to high-pressure steam. Globally, Agriculture Solar is converting energy sources, whether geothermal gas or heat, into valuable electricity, while setting industry standards for simplicity, reliability and low operating costs.

geothermal plantGeothermal energy as a source of baseload power is widely recognized as a clean and safe alternative to other energy sources. But the capital-intensive nature of development and lengthy exploration timelines, coupled with regional environmental issues like geologic stability, groundwater supply, and recreational land uses, can present a unique set of challenges to developers.

Agriculture Solar's network of experience in geothermal energy development allows us to anticipate potential project delays and resolve issues early to keep projects on schedule. Our network has a comprehensive understanding of the issues and challenges associated with development on both public and private lands.

systems geothermal powerThe Agriculture Solar multidisciplinary network of energy professionals works collaboratively with clients, stakeholders and regulators to successfully develop geothermal projects that address and mitigate local environmental impacts while providing environmentally responsible and renewable electricity.

geothermal electricityAgriculture Solar is a vertically-integrated provider of geothermal and recovered energy-based solutions, services and power that designs, develops, builds the geothermal plants. The in-depth knowledge gained from these operations gives us a competitive edge by enabling efficient maintenance and timely response to operational issues.

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