Agriculture Solar Water Pump and Well Pumps

...our irrigation pumps are put into categories based on their design. The following are the most common types of Agriculture Solar powered irrigation pumps. Displacement Pump Solar Powered
displacement pump water well solarThese solar pumps move water by displacement. Examples are piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, roller-tubes, and rotary pumps. Piston Displacement Pumps are solar pumps you operate by moving a long lever up and down. Usage for a displacement pump would be when you need to move very thick liquids, create very precise flow volumes, or create extremely high pressures. A fertilizer injector is the most common irrigation use for a solar displacement pump.

Submersible Pump Solar Powered
submersible pump water well solarSolar Submersible pumps that are completely installed under water. These are a single unit with a pump and electric motor. The main purpose is to be installed in a well but they can be installed on the bottom of a lake or stream if placed on their side or mounted to a pier. No need to prime these solar pumps due to them already being under water. If they aren't installed in a well they need to be placed into a special Submersible pump and this may be necessary when placed into a well. The sleeve helps to keep the motor cool by moving the water flow over the motor. The solar pump would burn up without the sleeve. Since the power cord runs down to the pump it is extremely important to take safety precautions to prevent damage.

Turbines and Jet Pumps Solar Powered
Turbines and Jet pump water well solarA Turbines and Jet centrifugal pump that is mounted underwater and attached by a shaft to a motor mounted above ground. The motor turns the shaft which causes the impeller to turn inside the solar pump. Jet Pumps are similar to the Turbines except they help lift the water by directing the down the intake. Turbine pumps are used a lot in irrigation because they are efficient and able to generate high water pressure.

Booster Pump Solar Powered
Booster pump water well solarBooster pumps are different from other solar pumps because they don't take water from a non-pressurized source and move it to another location instead they are used to increase the water pressure of water that is already on its way somewhere. These Booster pumps are used to boost the water pressure.

Floating Pump Solar Powered
Floating pump water well solarSubmersible or Floating pump that is attached to the bottom of a float. The solar pump is underneath the float which is anchored to a river, pond, or lake. These pumps are usually more energy efficient and easier to install than the other submersible pumps in a pond or lake.

Jet Pump Solar Powered
jet pump water well solarA jet pump is a self-contained unit. Most commonly used as a deep well pump, this solar pump is simply dropped into a well with just a power cord and a water line. Because this well is deep beneath the water it is almost silent.

Centrifugal Pump Solar Powered
Centrifugal pump water well solarA vast majority of all irrigation pumps fall into this category. This particular solar pump uses an impeller (rotating part that transmits motion in a device) which spins the water rapidly in a casing, chamber, or housing. The spinning action is known as centrifugal force. This force is responsible for moving the water through the centrifugal pump. These solar centrifugal pumps may have several stages, which the water passes through the different stages increasing pressure. These solar pumps must have water in the intake pipe and the casing before starting the pump. It is imperative that you prime these centrifugal pumps before the first use. This is done by filling the case with water, then quickly turning the pump on. This pump sucks water not air so you must have water in the pump to enable the water to move into the pump. You don't have to prime the solar pump before every usage because it has a small valve that holds the water.

End Suction Centrifugal pumps are different because they are designed to force water out verses forcing water in. The end suction centrifugal pumps work the best when the water level is higher than the pump verses lower. These solar pumps perform the best at pushing water.

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