Agriculture Solar LED Agricultural Light Fixtures

...agricultural engineer designs LED lighting system for Agriculture. The Agriculture Solar™ LED lighting system with Agriculture Solar™ pv panel power option for facilities.led grow fixtures for agriculture light solarThis system provides bright, low wattage lighting, while allowing animal producers to save tremendous energy expenditures and recoup equipment and installation costs in approximately less than one year.

LED lighting available for rearing: historically, there has been little progress in using LED lighting in animal rearing facilities, but a new low-wattage LED system has recently entered the market. Engineered specifically for animal rearing facilities, a new low-wattage light-emitting diode LED lighting system with an optional Agriculture Solar™ power supplement has recently entered the market.

led agricultural lightsEach LED fixture has been designed, built and engineered specifically for use in Agriculture industry. Historically, there has been little progress in using LED lighting in Agriculture facilities for many reasons. First, prior to now, there have not been LED fixtures that can provide the needed consistent brightness levels in foot candles that are high enough to maintain adequate health, performance with weight gain & feed conversion, or be considered humane light levels. Tests have been conducted which show there is no drop in performance with the use of the Agriculture Solar™ system.

Agriculture Solar™ LED Light System was specifically designed to prevent voltage drops. Agriculture Solar™ has developed a digitally-controlled lighting system that steps down 110-120VAC power to 24DCV via junction boxes close to the fixtures within the facility itself. This has guaranteed enough light intensity and consistency for proper growing operations. The Agriculture Solar™ system can also be supplemented with Agriculture Solar™ pv panels to reduce even more the reliance on power from the utility company.

led lighting fixture solar poweredThis Agriculture Solar™ system provides super-bright, digitally programmable, washable, fully dimmable at low and high intensities, long lasting, low wattage LED lighting with maximum of 1.7 watts per fixture. While allowing animal producers to save on energy expenditures and recoup equipment and installation costs, often in fewer than one year.

Each LED fixture in the Agriculture Solar™ system draws between 1 and 1.7 W, which is significantly lower and much more efficient than incandescent, cold cathode, or fluorescent bulbs. This is a tremendous savings in energy, and with the Agriculture Solar™ pv option even more so.

poultry chicken coop barn arenaAgriculture Solar™ LED lights consume less energy to provide light because they function differently from other types of lighting commonly used in animal growing operations such as incandescent, fluorescent and cold cathode bulbs. LED lights are based on a semiconductor that contains two terminals called a diode. When the diode is set to the ON position, electrons flow in one direction to combine, and light is given off from the electrons themselves. This functions quite distinctly from incandescent lights, which produce light from heat-driven emissions, or fluorescent bulbs, which produce light from electrons completing a circuit through a gas-containing mercury that can be difficult to dispose of legally.

- LED fixtures may be powered either by Agriculture Solar™ or conventional AC power
- Each 24VDC Agriculture Solar™ system LED fixture draws approximately 460 amps
- One typical building circuit with 250 Agriculture Solar™ system LED fixtures would consume less than 400 watts of power
- Electrical wires are plugged into a wiring harness fitting about 12.7cm lead on each fixture
- Agriculture Solar™ system can be switched on by either an automatic timer or manually
- The brightness on the floor was consistently measured at 3-4 foot candles, enough to humanely rear livestock without any drop in performance

LED lights are up to three times more efficient than fluorescent lights and up to six times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and may last up to 100,000 continuous hours approximately 11.4 years. As an additional savings, the Agriculture Solar™ system can be powered by low-cost solar panels. Please contact us today to learn more about LED lighting use in Agricultural applications.

* In certain locations, large governmental and utility company incentives are available to offset costs.

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like LED system pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.

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