Agriculture Solar Lights for Cold Storage LED Lighting

...our innovative LED light systems help you save 76% on your electrical costs. Only recently has the light quality and output of LEDs proved great enough to use as an agriculture light source. With this development in Agriculture Solar™ LEDs, many companies have installed systems to reap the energy savings LEDs offer over traditional light sources.led install coldstorageFor many customers, the combination of Agriculture Solar™ sun tracking pv panel system and Agriculture Solar™ LED lighting can produce a very compelling economic value proposition. Agriculture Solar™ LED Lights of Cold Storage Warehouse and Processing Center:

Lighting storage areas that are designed to be kept at cold temperature is a unique application. Traditional lighting equipment produces heat, so there is an imbalance with hot lights operating in a cold space. Agriculture Solar™ LED performance increases as temperatures drop. This makes our LED fixtures a natural fit for lighting cold storage facilities. Agriculture Solar™ LED lighting provides over 150,000 maintenance-free hours in the minus 20 degree Celsius refrigerated warehouse — this is useful in this application where lamp replacement would otherwise be laborious and expensive due to high ceilings.

refrigerated room led lightingThe system consumes 76 percent less energy than the originally designed HID system. Energy conservation is further increased through the use of motion sensors In warehouse and dock areas that instantly activate our lighting in rest-mode to 100 percent brightness when activity is detected.

led install cold storesWhen considering a move to Agriculture Solar™ LEDs: For general illumination, companies should consider factors such as lifetimes, maintenance requirements, ability to use occupancy sensors, dimming capabilities, and heat gain, for accurate cost of ownership of any lighting system. Agriculture Solar™ LED fixture lifetimes are longer than 15 years. Leveraging the many benefits of an environmentally friendly Agriculture Solar™ LED lighting system costs less than $0.60 per square foot per year operating 12 hours a day. Be sure to see the “Agriculture Solar™ per Square Foot” line item in each sample application to see how affordable it can be.

coldstorages refrigerated frozen rooms ledUnlike traditional lights, Agriculture Solar™ LEDs deliver pleasing low glare lighting, reduced energy usage, low maintenance, no mercury, silent and cool operating fixtures, and housings. Figures below indicate the approximate investment required on a per square foot basis to leverage the benefits of a Agriculture Solar™ LED lighting system.

* In certain locations, large governmental and utility company incentives are available to offset costs.

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like LED system pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.

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