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Chicken Poultry Farms

...Agriculture Solar™ in combination with LED poultry chicken coop lighting, has establish an integrated high yield poultry production floor bedding solution for chicken farm operations in regional and international markets.

Agriculture Solar™ Radiant Energy Floor Heating System Description
chicken poultry farm farmingA primary heating system is designed to heat a limited-area concentrated brooding area with tunnel ventilation for day-old chickens (up to 105˚F bedding temperature) and continue through to market. An Agriculture Solar™ thermal solar renewable Chicken Poultry Farms energy system, designed to save 17-23% fuel. Powerful energy-efficient tankless hot water propane/natural gas heaters (4-6 heaters with 200,000 BTUs/hr capacity) are used to power the system, controlled automatically with either a separate specially engineered controller or the grower's house controller.

Agriculture Solar™ Expected Energy-Saving Results:
chicken poultry hatcheries hatcheryPropane usage during a chicken growout cycle is reduced 35-60%, depending on above-surface radiant floor system replaced. Agriculture Solar™ Chicken Poultry Farms radiant energy system has a 3-6 year payback and system lifespan of at least 15 years. The greatest impact comes from replacing 36” or tube radiant infrared above-surface heaters and forced air ovens.

Additional energy savings can be obtained by the combination on Chicken Poultry Farming:
(a) Reducing the brooding area from a normal partial-house brood of 50-60% to 30-40%
(b) Placing additional insulation in ceilings in this concentrated animal brooding area
(c) Refreshed bedding
(d) Employing a robust Agriculture Solar™ floor heating system

chicken hatchery farm farmingWith these measures, the robust Agriculture Solar™ radiant energy floor heating system will flourish underneath the floor surface during the high-energy requirement growout period that require >90˚F, as compared to above surface heating systems. This is an excellent solution in combination with LED poultry chicken coop lighting light fixtures.

Agriculture Solar™ Additional Benefits on Chicken Poultry Farming Include:
• improved animal comfort
• reduces ceiling radiant heat damage to animal sensitive heads
• improved air quality for grower comfort and health
• improved live bird respiratory issues
• more humane animal-rearing conditions
• improved live bird performance
• less footpad and paw lesions
• less sidewall and ceiling sweating
• complete and even heating of entire brooding area
• less influence of sidewall soil frostline in cold climates
• reduced bedding moisture
• reduced ammonia production
• reduced ventilation requirements
• reduced chill-ventilation air exposure over young animals
• less management time to concentrated bird-rearing area
• less equipment maintenance

Agriculture Solar™ has applications for:
• Poultry Coops
• Poultry Hatchery
• Poultry Incubators
• Poultry Food Processing
• Poultry House
• Poultry Hatcheries

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like poultry farm pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.

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