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Dairies in California

...the key to saving energy in California is Agriculture Solar systems for agricultural businesses.

california dairy solar electricityOver 90% of an agricultural business electricity and gas costs are likely associated with water use. In addition, the 8 million Californian acres devoted to crops consume 80% of the total water pumped in the state.

california dairy solar energyFinding ways to handle dairy cow production with solar will improve an agricultural business's profitability by reducing energy costs and making a significant contribution to stabilizing California's resources. Estimates indicate that simple solar dairy energy efficiency improvements in processing and solar pumping facilities could immediately reduce energy costs by by over 90%.

california dairy solar powerSolar dairy farming methods can use 90% less energy than conventional farming methods. However, solar dairy farmers also can benefit from implementing more than solar to their dairy energy efficiency measures.

These measures can yield noticeable dividends by reducing grid electricity and gas usage by as much as 90%:

  • • Install Agriculture Solar PV panel system
  • • Install Agriculture Solar Thermal hot water heating
  • • Upgrade to Agriculture Solar LED Lighting
  • • Integrate heat-recovery from refrigeration
  • • Upgrade pre-existing inefficient production equipment covered under incentives

california dairy solar poweredTake advantage of solar dairy incentive programs and resources within the State of California. Federal, state and local governments, utilities and companies administer agricultural solar dairy incentive programs to both small and large agricultural customers across the state.

It pays to partner with Agriculture Solar™:

  • • Agriculture Solar™ Operating or Capital Lease is cash-flow positive from day one
  • • Agriculture Solar™ systems are low to no maintenance
  • • We will meet with you to review the solar dairy programs available
  • • We will provide you with advice and guidance on which solar dairy program(s) suit your needs
  • • We will match the appropriate government incentives with the right solar dairy solution
  • • We will design and install the selected solar dairy system and help you start saving right away.

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