Agriculture Solar Golf Course Irrigation Engineering Architects

...incorporating solar and wind generation along with system effeciencies such as underground irrigation pumping power, LED lighting, and golf cart charging stations. Collaboration with your golf course architects and golf club engineers, allows all to benefit from reducing your operating costs and stabilize energy expenses for decades to come.
Golf Courses Powered by Solar and Wind

solar golf courseElectricity has been a major expense for golf courses around the world, as it is for most businesses, a situation aggravated by constantly rate hike each year.

We provide:
• nationwide golf course engineering, procurement, and construction collaboration with course architects.
• experience in powering large irrigation projects incorporating golf course engineering.
• our axis tracking system to follow sun for maximizing solar panel performance.
• exclusive partners with Bosch International for top shelf product craftsmanship.
• 25-year warranty that guarantees power production for decades to come.
• covered parking canopies with full golf course architecture integration of solar panels and EV stations.
• charging stations for electric golf carts and your loyal electric vehicle car patrons.
• dramatically improve energy efficiency and safety of your customers and employees with our LED lighting.
• all improvements can potentially be backed by the incentives and rebates for energy improvements.
• cash flow positive from day one with Agriculture Solar's operating and capital lease packages.

Golf courses provide the perfect business environment for incorporating our Agriculture Solar systems. Our solar golf course systems can provide power for facilities, irrigation pumps and charging golf carts. Agriculture Solar golf course customers could be almost entirely independent from utility-provided electricity with our fully integrated systems for solar electricity power combined with LED lighting that can be fitted over buildings, retro-fitted on parking canopies, or make use of previously unusable areas.

Solar Power for Clubhouses, Restaurants, Pro Shops and More

solar golf clubThere are several ways to incorporate Agriculture Solar energy power solutions into a golf course. Traditionally, solar systems are installed on rooftops. Clubhouses, restaurants and pro shops could provide the roof space required to house a system. Power produced by the solar/wind energy system and optimized with technology could be purchased with a cash flow positive from day one Agriculture Solar capital or operating lease package.

Solar Carports and Solar Charging Stations for Solar Golf Cart

solar golf resortAgriculture Solar systems can be utilitized seemlessly in a variety of golf course architecture designs. One of the more unique and beneficial is the solar carport. Utilizing Agriculture Solar's golf club system can be configured to create solar powered carports that are a perfect complement to golf courses that rent or permit the use of golf carts. The carport system provides on-site charging for golf carts and other electric vehicles and also provides shade and shelter from the elements. This is particularly important in warmer climates where sun damage can quickly deteriorate the appearance and value of golf carts.

On-Site Solar Golf Club Utilities

Golf courses very often have excess development acreage along the perimeter of their developed land. Depending on the location of the golf course course, shade factor and average hours of sunlight, these undeveloped to under-developed plots could be used for larger-scale solar and wind installations. The energy generated is tied to the grid and is used by the host facility with the excess being sold to the utility.

Golf Clubs going for the Green

solar golf course architect"We pride ourselves on our energy and sustainability efforts — from our eco-friendly solar power systems," says Principal of Golf Club with solar. Save on your operating costs and show your patrons your commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

We enjoy helping golf course professionals to increase the effeciencies and create an independence when it comes to your operating costs.

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like golf course pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.

Pay For Just Power.

Have an independent energy power system, but you only buy the power produced. We own and operate the systems for you.

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You know when you open your gas bill and gasp because your fuel rates suddenly went up?

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