Agriculture Solar™
Power Purchase Agreement

...requires zero customer investment for the construction of an Agriculture Solar™ power power purchase agreementContinually rising farming electricity rates and unstable energy markets may have negative impacts on budgets and the bottom line for agribusiness. Agriculture Solar™ power offers cost certainty and a long-term answer to one of the potentially most expensive and unpredictable line items in your agribusiness budget. As the agricultural industry pioneer of the Power Purchase Agreement the Agriculture Solar™ team provides a market solution for large-scale consumers of energy that requires zero customer investment for the construction of a Agriculture Solar™ power system. Our agriculture customers can start saving money by stabilizing their energy costs from day one and throughout the foreseeable volatile future.

agriculture solar ppaAgriculture Solar™ PPAs are agreements between a provider (Agriculture Solar™) and a customer (you) to purchase on-going Agriculture Solar™ power at long-term fixed rates, usually starting at equal to or less than market rates. Agriculture Solar™ as the PPA provider installs and maintains solar facilities on your property. You as a Agriculture Solar™ customer pay only for the power generated by the facility — not Agriculture Solar™ equipment or installation — greatly reducing the risk and complications of implementing a solar pv, thermal, and energy storage solution.

Agriculture Solar™ Power Purchase Agreements are powering the growth of solar in agribusiness, comprising upwards of 75% of all newly constructed solar facilities.

Definition of Agriculture Solar™ Power Purchase Agreements: an Agriculture Solar™ Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a financial arrangement in which a third-party such as Agriculture Solar™ owns, operates, and maintains the photovoltaic (PV), thermal, energy storage system, and a utility agrees to purchase the Agriculture Solar™ system's electric output from the Agriculture Solar™ service provider for a predetermined period. Agriculture Solar™ financial team has been instrumental in the development of the solar PPA for the agribusiness sector, which has become the most widely used instrument in the agriculture marketplace to this day.

agricultural solar contract to purchase powerJoint Development and Transfer Arrangements: Agriculture Solar™ understands that each customer has unique governance structures, power needs, and compliance rules that affect how they participate in projects. Agriculture Solar™ partners with our agribusiness customers to jointly develop, build, and transfer assets as needed. Agriculture Solar's creative leadership and financial flexibility translates into a solutions-oriented approach to working jointly with our agriculture customers to serve their needs.

Agriculture Solar's principals are independent energy industry pioneers with decades of experience in investment and development, including technology, risk management, structured finance, asset management and policy.

For nearly forty years, Agriculture Solar's principals have participated in many of the significant transactions defining today's large engineering development industry. Over that time, the team has established a agribusiness pioneering track record financing, executing the development and owning energy assets in North America as well as financing infrastructure projects in other developing economy countries.

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Pay For Just Power.

Have an independent energy power system, but you only buy the power produced. We own and operate the systems for you.

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A guaranteed power rate. Yes, you read that right.

No surprises. No rate hikes. No kidding.

You know when you open your gas bill and gasp because your fuel rates suddenly went up?

That won’t happen anymore. With Agriculture Solar's ability to sell you power to purchase, we offer a guaranteed rate - and even better? We lock in those rates for over 20 years. The catch? Well, there is no catch. Really. Here’s all there is to it.

• We buy the system and install it on your land.

• You pay a fee for your power.

• It generates power for you – with rates that are locked in.

• Save immediately on your gas bill.

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