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Agriculture Solar™ SolarEnergy Solar Sun Tracker Systems

...Solar Sun Tracking Systems for every scale project.

The investment costs of a Agriculture Solar™ sun tracker system will pay for itself within 1-4 years. After a running period of 20 years 41% more profit can be realized with a Agriculture Solar™ sun axis tracker system in comparison to a fixed system.

For over three decades the Agriculture Solar™ team has focused on design and manufacturing increasing photovoltaic solar energy production by more than 52%. Our SolarEnergy solar tracker system customers benefit from our experience.

solar sun tracker system utility

Utility Scale Agriculture Solar™ Sun Tracker

Agriculture Solar™ Solar Tracker balances performance with long-term reliability and minimal maintenance, to maximize the ROI for utility scale projects. Agriculture Solar™ dual and single-axis tracking system generates more power with fewer motors per megawatt than other utility scale tracking systems.

Adaptable to a wide range of environmental conditions and configurations, the Agriculture Solar™ solar sun tracking system has undergone independent engineering review and rigorous testing, including full-scale wind tunnel testing. Agriculture Solar™ design principles results in a reliable tracker that reduces the labor and time required to install and maintain system.

solar sun tracker system commercial

Commercial Scale Agriculture Solar™ Tracker

Agriculture Solar™ Single axis tracking adds 25%-30% increased power production over that of a fixed mount system. Agriculture Solar™ Dual axis tracking adds 35%-52% increased power production over that of a fixed mount system.

Agriculture Solar™ products have been the subject of many years of research, submitted to the strictest resistance and efficiency tests, obtaining as a result, the Agriculture Solar™ solar tracker with the best 10-Year Guarantee On Parts and Workmanship on the market.


solar sun tracker system residential

Residential Scale Agriculture Solar™ Sun Tracker

Agriculture Solar™ manufactures Single and Dual-Axis Sun Trackers for medium-to-large residential PV systems. Our 1 and 2 Axis Tracker gear drive rotates the PV array on the pole mount so that the ground area is still usable below. The result: a low profile and exceptional stability in the wind, with minimum interference.

An Agriculture Solar™ Dual-Axis Sun Tracker enables automatic tracking of the sun's elevation as well. Dual-axis trackers completely capture all the power the sun delivers. Agriculture Solar™ Dual-Axis Tracking is an affordable option for Solar Sun Tracking.
agriculture solar sun tracker systems

Our Agriculture Solar™ SolarEnergy solar sun tracker products and design services are used for:

• Utility Scale solar electric power plants.
• Grid-Tied residential solar electric systems.
• Off-Grid residential solar electric systems.
• Exposure Testing Laboratories.
• Concentrating PV systems.
• Telecommunications systems.
• Solar water pumping systems.

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like sun tracking system pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.


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