Thermal Solar Energy Dairy

Thermal Agriculture Solar™ Energy Power

Agriculture Solar™ Integrated Solar Thermal Power System utilize solar thermal technology a supplemental heat source
for existing farm and ranch processes that require hot water for sanitization
or other food preparation processes.

Agriculture Solar™ Solar Thermal Energy Systems:

• Supplement existing farm and ranch operations that require low temperature (100°F—160°F) process heat with free solar thermal energy. Agriculture Solar™ thermal energy systems convert over 50% of the sun's thermal power into free thermal energy delivered to a process elements such as hot water.

• Reduce hot water heating energy costs by over 50%. Even modestly sized well integrated Agriculture Solar™ thermal power systems can reduce heating fuel costs by over 50%.

Thermal Energy Solar Power Dairy

• Agriculture Solar™ thermal energy systems are closely integrated with other heat recovery systems such as refrigeration heat recovery. Such hybrid systems can not only provide solar thermal energy, but in many cases can enhance the performance of an existing or new heat recovery system.

• Agriculture Solar™ thermal power systems can be designed to interface to existing fossil fuel heating systems or designed to entirely replace existing aging heating systems with optimized solar hybrid systems.

Thermal Solar Energy Farm

• Agriculture Solar™ thermal energy systems can reduce the total cost of ownership of existing or new fossil fuel heating equipment by reducing operational cycling and associated thermal stresses. New fully integrated systems are entirely closed loop which extends equipment lifetimes dramatically.

• Our Agriculture Solar™ thermal power systems are modular by design. The mechanical system is factory pre-assembled and arrives at the site ready to be connected to the Agriculture Solar™ array and process heat systems. Once interconnected the system can be quickly commissioned and turned up for production.

Thermal Solar Power Farm

• Agriculture Solar™ thermal energy systems can be equipped with Internet-based monitoring which increases user awareness of the system's benefits while supporting real time monitoring and support by Agriculture Solar™.

• Our thermal solar systems are installed and supported by Agriculture Solar™.

• Depending on fuel type used and regional alternative energy incentives Agriculture Solar™ thermal systems can be expected to achieve positive cash flow within less than three years.

Thermal Solar Power Energy

With all that free energy from the sun, there are plenty of ways to capture and use it to the benefit of your farm or ranch bottom line, and of the country. Agriculture Solar™ Solar Thermal Systems can be used for:
• Equipment or systems sanitization
• Food processing
• Livestock feed preparation (pasteurization)
• Nursery soil

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like solar thermal pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.


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