About Agriculture Solar Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator

...Agriculture Solar™ has been examining new wind energy systems to pump the large volume of water needed for irrigation. One new Agriculture Solar™ system uses a vertical­axis wind turbine to generate electricity that is compatible with utility grid power, and the pump is powered by this electrical system using a conventional electric motor.vertical axis wind turbines vawtAgriculture Solar™ Vertical Axis Wind Turbines"VAWTs" can catch the wind from all directions and at lower wind speed than horizontal axis ones. There have been two distinct types of Agriculture Solar™ vertical axis wind turbines VAWT: The Darrieus and the Savonius types. The Darrieus rotor was researched and developed back in the 1980's. New types of Agriculture Solar™ vertical axis wind turbine machines VAWT are being introduced such as the helical types particularly for use in active environments where they would be considered safer due to their lower rotational speeds and since they can catch the wind from all directions.

vertical shaft axis wind turbines vawtHorizontal axis wind turbines are typically more efficient at converting wind energy into electricity than vertical axis wind turbines. For this reason they have become dominant in the commercial wind power market. However, vertical axis wind turbines can be more suited to areas of variation wind conditions as they are silent and reduced risk associated with their slower rates of rotation. We can foresee the future where each agricultural operation in the world is equipped with a wind machine as global peak oil is reached making them indispensable for agribusiness. They are well suited for green architectural projects as well as commercial aquaponics; where farming uses automated farming technologies converting urban sewage into agricultural products.

vertical shaft axis wind turbines generatorsAre Agriculture Solar™ Vertical Axis Turbines Better? Worldwide interest in renewable energy options has given rise to new wind turbine designs. Some of the most recent models on the market are Agriculture Solar™ vertical axis wind turbines VAWTs, which are quiet, efficient, economical and perfect for agricultural energy production. Anything with an airfoil, ideally, can be 59.3% efficient. In reality, a horizontal axis turbine operates somewhere around 35%. A vertical axis turbine is lower, maybe attaining 30%, which doesn't sound like much, but other factors such as increased maintenance and lower energy production add to the difference.

vertical axis wind turbine generator vawtThe Agriculture Solar™ water pump system can use a vertical-axis wind turbine to produce power, and the water pump is powered directly with this mechanical power or in combination with an electric motor. When the efficiency of converting wind energy to pumped water is compared for the two systems, the mechanical system provides 12% more energy than the electrical system. However, the Agriculture Solar™ electrical system is 2.5 times more profitable than the mechanical system because irrigation pumps are used seasonally. With the electrical system, energy generated in the non­irrigating season can be sold to the utility, but the mechanical system is only utilized when water is needed.

vertical axis wind turbine energy vawtIrrigation is a major energy user in on-farm agricultural production. Electricity, natural gas, and diesel fuel are the major forms of energy used in pumping irrigation water. Irrigation pumping energy accounts for 40 to 70% of the energy used on farms where irrigation is practiced. Irrigation pumps often lift water and require kW electricity. Windmills have been used since the 1870's to pump livestock and domestic water. The Agriculture Solar™ Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator has some definite upsides. They can be placed in modified versions on top of schools, next to libraries, and other high traffic areas. Agriculture Solar™ has customers interested in using them for irrigation pumps because of the cost of bringing electricity and meters out to the various pumps. One of the great features for the new turbines is that they don't require being connected to the utility company's electric grid.

vertical axis wind turbine vawtIn other words those large turbines often require federal money and some process to transmit that heavy electricity via transmission lines while Agriculture Solar™ Vertical Axis Wind Turbines can tie into a distribution line that's running to any farm in the state. That opens up the possibilities for wind energy to pretty much anyone. One of the things that makes this Agriculture Solar™ Vertical Axis Wind Turbine so inexpensive to manufacture and sell and easy to set up is it's made out of a proprietary, high tech composite that is a resin glass mixture. Finally the wind generation industry is opening up to the more common user.

vertical axis wind turbine generatorAgriculture Solar™ finds that large land owners, people who are converting brown fields or farmers or perhaps a residential community that has a bunch of property owners that it can also be efficient on a large local scale sometimes referred to as a community Agriculture Solar™ Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator project.

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