Agriculture Solar Waterbeds for Cows Dairy Bedding Technology

...thanks to the recent installation of specially designed Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds dairy farmers can dramatically reduced operational expenses and improved milk production.waterbeds for cows dairyWhile the idea of milk cows lounging around on a cushy waterbed may sound amusing at first, the Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds actually yield a legitimate benefit — as the cows are healthier and less prone to an infection of the udder called mastitis, which can negatively impact milk production.

cow water beds barn beddingDual Chamber Cow Waterbeds are a bedding surface that gently moves with the cow's skin to avoid abrasions. Waterbeds provide a clean, dry surface for cows to rest on, helping lower somatic cell count and reduce mastitis, and require zero to minimal additional bedding, helping save time and money.

• Superior cow comfort: Cushions pressure points, protects hocks, increases lying times.

• Helps improve herd health: Clean, dry environment, low SCC, helps eliminate mastitis, helps lower lameness and culling rates.

• Easy to maintain: No additional bedding required, dries quickly, easy installation.

• High-value bedding solution: 10-year warranty, 15-20 year life expectancy.

• Compatible with technology: Enhances robotic milking systems, provides clean manure stream for ease in manure management.

cow water beds barn beddingThese waterbeds for cows bedding surface provide a stable cushion for the cow descent each and every time she lies down. The physical properties of water lend comfort, suspending the cow's pressure points, gently moving with her skin, and creating a surface that stays clean and dry.

water bedding cowsDairy farmers want a bedding surface that fits top-producing cows, as well as younger, first-calf heifers and does not need constant repairs or adjustments. These waterbeds for cows are a universal good fit for dairy cows of all ages, shapes, sizes and breeds. There are easy installation steps that take the waterbeds off the truck and into the barn.

Coupling the dairy LED light system technology with that of the Dual Chamber Cow Waterbed, will make your herd more comfortable and productive. Agriculture Solar customers expect to see their annual milk production grow 15% or more, from just over 2,000 gallons per cow up to as much as 2,650 gallons per cow.

Please call 520-369-AGRI or email if you would like dairy pricing or a more detailed analysis of costs for your particular application.

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