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...wind for farmers. Energy solutions for farmers around the world. We have experience in the "Not In My Back Yard Challenge" where it is up to individuals to effect change, gradually you will win your neighbors' confidence in establishing easy wind projects to understand, and easy projects to finance through Agriculture Solar. Because basically it's all about, "What's in it for me?"wind agriculturePerhaps more than other kind of business, agriculture farmers have to work to maximize profits and keep expenses to a minimum in the face of mounting uncertainties - drought, storms, disease, and volatile energy prices. New developer Agriculture Energies wind farms turbine harness the wind and take the unpredictability out of their electrical costs. In doing so, farmers are able to safeguard their agricultural or dairy operations against rising utility bills and make their farms leaner and more profitable businesses.

wind farmingAgriculture Energies customers serve as examples to their neighbors to become "mainstream adopters" where they find success, and spread the word. As it goes well, they become owner of other projects. Throughout history farmers, have to invent new ways and be ready for changes - so when they see a potential - they look at it, no matter what it is and say, "can I do this?" And if they see fellow farmers do the same thing, they are quick to respond to that. So even being very traditional and conservative in their heads, they have this ability of making moves and change, because they have this independency in them.

wind energy project developmentA farmer is a free man -- maybe he owes a lot of money to the bank, but he's still a free man is his thinking. It is seeing 'what was in it for them' and for their community, that wins over landowners. It takes one of their own, one who has deep roots in their community to educate others about wind farming. They all face hard times, but they have wind. You work with your neighbors to get them ready to accept wind turbines for profit farming.

ag wind powerThe first thing that future wind farm turbines owners want to know is, "Well, how much is it going to cost me?" It costs them nothing. "What's it going to hurt?" Three to five percent of their farmland is all it's going to take up, and they can do what they want with the rest of of the their land. Then it comes down to, "Well, how much money is this going to make me?" Agriculture Solar will meet with your Landowners' Association and show them, where they had been receiving $35 dollars (USD) an acre, then the landowners could expect somewhere in the neighborhood of three times that. In fact, farmers stand to make $10,000-30,000 (USD) thousand dollars a year, per turbine, just from leasing the wind rights.

griculture wind energyThere are no guarantees from the very beginning, but sure enough we've gotten 95 percent of an area to accept the wind farm movement. The whole community, beyond the investors, benefitted too. This is an indication of what can be done, and will be done for rural areas -- bringing life and prosperity back to these rural communities that are suffering.Our ancestors used to say, but "If we could sell the wind, we'd be wealthy." Well who would have thought we could have ever sold the wind. We now have a constant wind resource here that's tremendously valuable, and as opposed to oil and gas, it'll last forever, and it doesn't pollute anything.

Farms harvest energy with agricultural wind power:
Lower Farm Overhead: watch your electrical costs drop as soon as your agriculture wind energy turbines start spinning, allowing you to put more of your profits back into your farm or processing facility.
Farming Tax Advantages: between the governmental tax credit and grant programs and the rules for claiming depreciation on agriculture wind turbines, an investment in ag wind power today translates to real benefits that farmers can apply to their bottom line and balance their operating budgets.
Stable Cost of Power to Farm: no matter the market price of electricity, you will know what your wind power electricity will be costing you for 20 years or more so you can safeguard your operational budget against the volatile and increasing costs of energy.
Grow Energy Independence: your farm may produce livestock and produce, now you can also produce your own electricity and take control of your energy future. In the event that you create more power than you need, you may be able to sell it back to the utility company.
Stewards of the Land: farming that uses wind pump power in their daily operations are valued by wholesalers who sell their products to discerning consumers who put a premium on sustainable and environmentally friendly agribusiness practices.

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