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...wind water pumping technology in one system. The Agriculture Solar™ Wind Pump System is designed for pumping at isolated locations in all climates without the restrictions and high costs associated with traditional driven wind pumps. We have achieved this through the use of modern materials, an innovative simple design and highest quality manufacture.wind pump windpump waterWind farm turbines energy, a clean and renewable source, is one of the most rapidly growing markets, however wind pump technology dates back many centuries. The origins of harnessing wind as energy began over 3000 years ago with the invention of the windmill, which at the time, was used mainly in wind agriculture functions grain and windmills have functioned as electric power generators since the late 19th century such as pumping water.

Agriculture Solar™ has a team of engineers that have created the wind electric water pumping system. Rather than being dependent on the traditional mechanical windmill only, Agriculture Solar™ wind pump windpump uses wind energy so it can provide water at any time. Whether you're considering a replacement for your old mechanical system or you're installing a new system, you'll appreciate the proven reliability of this Agriculture Solar™ water windpump system.

windpump wind water pumpsToday with regular fuel crises and rising prices there has been a revival of interest in wind power windpump. The rising price of oil serves as the catalyst for increased research, development, and investment in wind turbine technology as the fear of fossil fuel depletion and political instability rippled throughout the world. A new vigor and call for renewable energy sources.

The growing popularity of Agriculture Solar™ wind pumps in many remote areas, these areas typically have no access to electricity, which creates a problem when it comes to irrigation and watering livestock. For over a century, ranchers and growers in places like this have relied on windmills to supply the power to pump water out of wells. These old style windmills have been around for many generations and have become a large part of the ranching culture. In recent years, however, more and more ranchers have made the switch from century old windmills to wind power electric pumps.

The Agriculture Solar™ windpump pumping wind mill's high-voltage DC output powers the water pump at maximum efficiency. Startup wind speed of only 7 miles an hour and peak output make our Agriculture Solar™ windmill pumps an excellent choice in a wide variety of locations. Specifically designed to power the water pump system, it produces a high DC voltage, which reduces energy loss through cables and provides peak efficiency. Each windmill can produce peak power and is designed to be connected to optimize your Agriculture Solar™ water pumping system to your location and water requirements.

windmill water pumping wind millAnother reason that farmers and ranchers are considering the wind water pumps option is reduced maintenance costs. Agriculture Solar™ windmill power pumps by their very nature have little to no maintenance involved. They basically function by using wind power, which is harnessed and converted into energy that is then used to pump the water out of a well. Once installed, the pump pretty much runs on autopilot – as long as there is wind, which is usually not a problem in most regions.

As a growing number of farmers and ranchers realize the benefits of installing a Agriculture Solar™ pump, the windpump industry is poised to continue making large inroads into the farming and ranching market. The system is supplied in kit form (tower not included) and capable of pumping water from deep wells or bore holes. The system incorporates a wind turbine and submersible pump directly connected, via an interface control unit which ensures optimum system performance and maximizes flow rates over all wind conditions, plus many other effective features.

Technical Features:
• Controller accepts input with windcharger
• High windspeed electrical protection
• Controller maximizes flow rates over all wind conditions
• Pump status indicated by display
• Pump or wall mount weather-proof controller enclosure
• High efficiency proven wind mill turbine
• Built-in safety features
• Reservoir float switch to increase pump life
• Wind mill water pump turbine does not need to be located directly above the well, allowing subsequent relocation of the well without re-siting the wind turbine
• Cost effective and convenient
• 24 hour operating potential gives high average daily flow rate
• No specialized knowledge required for installation and operation - only a basic tool kit is required.
• Long life, durable and reliable components
• Minimum maintenance
• Silent and clean in operation

water pumping wind mill powered windpumpsIs the water source located at the same site as the most favorable wind site? Water may be in a draw or gulley but the wind is up on the ridge or hilltop. Although Agriculture Solar™ wind pump windmill designs are available to allow the windmill location offset from the water source. If electrical energy is being generated to power an electrical pump, some separation is possible. Agriculture Solar™ windpump water pump systems gives you this option.

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