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Man Uses the Sun to Water Crops

agriculture solar panelsJuly 21, 2012

Seth Pepper, a principal owner of Agriculture Solar in Tucson, said solar power, as well as power from wind and other alternative sources, has come of age. He said he believes what is needed to shake the traditional power sellers is a dramatic paradigm shift -- the ability and willingness to look at things in fresh new ways.

"We've all grown up accepting the idea of purchasing our energy," Pepper said. "Now there is the option of generating it for ourselves. At no time in history has this been possible, and Americans aren't used to that. A lot of what we do is educate, help open people's minds. Go to Europe, and you'll see farms running off-grid, using solar, solar/thermal and wind."

According to Pepper, even large-scale farming can be accomplished using modern solar panels, electrical storage systems and other reliable equipment, and for an ultimate cost lower than farmers are paying for diesel or electricity. This is especially true since Chinese companies have flooded the market with low-cost solar panels, driving prices down across the board, Pepper said.

"I remember when the Internet was new," Pepper said. "No one wanted to use their credit cards to order through it. Now, most people see how it really works and all the advantages that come with it. I think solar power will be something like that."

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